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What others have to say about their experience working with us. 

We have loved every minute and every client we have worked with over the last 40 years. It has been an honor to walk with so many people with different life experiences, goals, and motivation. 


Whether it was to find peace, heal, start a business or for personal growth. Everyone was motivated by some desire to grow past their present life narrative about themselves.


Our job has always been to shine a light on individual goals and assist with tools to succeed. 


Here are some of the kind words about our work and how people felt about working with us. 

Working with Robin is like no other talk therapy experience I have had before. I am amazed at how far I've come in just a few sessions! She has prompted me to open up in ways that are positive, and don't require reliving trauma. I'm very grateful for her thoughtful support and her creative style.

Robin has been nothing short of amazing in helping me with my mental health. I’ve had multiple therapists tell me they’re unsure how to help me, or that I need to see someone else. Robin was the first therapist to not give up on me and who has actually given me tools and tips that work that I can do on my own when I can’t meet with her. She truly cares about her clientele, and it shows. 

Thank you so much Robin. Although this journey with you might be over, I will carry on what I have learned from all this. Thank you for your support. I will miss our sessions and your presence of being there for me every week since last year. In your words....I got this.

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