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Have you ever thought of writing a book?

If the answer is yes, this blog is for you!

Let me ask you, have you had a secret dream to author a book? Do you have a story, wisdom, or expertise to share? Has it been a lifelong dream, but you never thought you could fulfill that wish? The internet says that about 80% of Americans have wanted to write and publish a book. Unfortunately, fewer than 0.1% have accomplished it.

The question becomes; What is the secret formula to unleash your creativity? Moreover, how do you learn how to author a book AND then publish it? How would it feel to make that dream come true?

The simple fact is that every bestselling author will have a highly practical writing system and the important habits that help to reach those goals. Here it is the truth, if you want to write and publish a book, all you have to do is emulate their system!

Where do you find and develop your skills to be included in the less than 1% of writers who publish a book? Who will help you and teach you what they know about being a successful published author?

I'd love to share with you how obtainable it really is. I think it's so important to share this information with anyone that has a dream to be a published author that I'm setting up time every day to talk with anyone who would like to fulfill a lifelong dream!

We want to introduce everyone to the New York Times Best Seller Top Ten Author and Publisher that made our dreams come true!

And it's free. As part of my "Pay it Forward" commitment. I believe in sharing skills and information that allows everyone to success. It's 30 minutes and I have a Calander link. You can pick your time to meet via zoom.

So, think about this. Do you have a business skill to share? Are you an expert in gardening, photography, cooking, mechanics, bitcoin, computers, marketing, etc. You name it, if it's your passion let's talk and create your steppingstones to success!

Karen Cayer

Co-Author of the Award-Winning upcoming book Stop Suffering, Start Healing. An easy-to-use holistic resource for anxiety, depression, and trauma.

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