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Holistic Healing - Where to Start Healing

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

What is holistic healing?

It is a method of healing various dimensions of the whole person rather than just treating any one specific health condition.

Stop Suffering, Start Healing is an easy-to-use holistic resource with tools to heal the whole person.






And when we get out of balance in one area, we lose our homeostasis. Often affecting our family lives, our work lives, our school lives, our social lives, and every other aspect of our life.

When we are in emotional distress, we require all dimensions of our Self to be brought back in balance. The question becomes how do we find our way back to being centered?

When our lives can become unmanageable things that were easy to do become a struggle. We might struggle with anxiety and depression. Headaches, foggy brain, short tempered, anti-social, these are somatic responses to the stress of being out of balance.
DID YOU KNOW that when we are in the middle of a panic attack, or in the grip of depression or living with the residual effects of trauma, it is possible to regulate our nervous system and stop suffering?

Stop Suffering, Start Healing was written to be an easy-to-use resource that applies tried and true tools holistic tools that anyone can use to find their way back to living our best life.


It all starts with intention. Intention is the start to change.

BUDDHA called intention the first step to awareness.

You will learn about:

One last point. When we decide to make changes in our lives it can be scary. It can be impossible to understand how making any changes will effectively change our lives. But the truth is everything is unknown until we try. This is where faith comes to guide us through the unknown.

Afterall, making no changes in our lives is a decision to remain with the same coping skills and not try to find healthier ways of being.

We wrote this book for you. To help you on your journey. Click the link below to get your copy.

Stop Suffer Start Healing an easy-to-use holistic resource for anxiety, depression and trauma.

Holistic Healing Professional Training, Speaking Engagements and Workshop Information available at:

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